There's no life
Into darkness
When you hear
A girl screamin'
Now it's midnight
And the Moon
It's coming out.

Through the sorrow street
- My kingdom's there -
By the weak light of the stars
He's a maniac killer ?
Why the mirror lies ?

He's the keeper of the darkness power
And nobody can catch him
He stands on into the moonlight
Waiting for his victim blood
Looking for an open window
To your veins

Vampire !
- Transilvanya's my land -
Vampire !
- I'm dead but I stand -

Vampire hides him in the shadow
Takes the appearance of a bat
Will hit you right from the back
Just a bite, turn you to death.

You must
Find an ash wood pile
You must
Drive it to his heart
You must
Draw the sign of cross
You must do it ...
Or your's the loss

For the sunrise
Wait the birth
Of the new day
Sun will burn him
With its ray
God will suck his power away

Vampire !
- Transilvanya was my land -
Vampire !
- God's banished my soul -

... in name of Father and Son and the Holy Spirit... an may you
rest in peace in this Cemetery for the centuries of centuries
...... (wind and AH...Ahhh......)