Eternal waves , eternal wind
Eternal sound of birds
The ocean roaring , the sky is storming
The night is coming down
Out in the dark , some men are ready
To make their day tonight
Their captain's called Gunther Prien
They're on the U-47.

They 're running silent ,under the sea
Thru the barrier submarine
Now they are near, to Scapa Flow
British guards don't see them.
The Royal Oak is anchored
In the center of the bay
Gunther Prien fires 6 torpedoes
And soon the ship's destroyed.

So the captain's orders , to head for
The Whilelmshaven base
When they arrive , the Fhurer's waiting
To congratulate with them.
Another mission, another trip
Are now waiting for them
The U-47 , is now so famous
Between enemy mariners.

(- - - - - -)

In the March 1941
They are in Atlantic Ocean
They see a destroyer of Royal Navy
The captain says "Ready to fire"
But some depth charges, damage the U-Boot
They now wait for their death
Now the U-Boot 's sinking, in the ocean
On the surface stay a German hat.

Gunther Prien was born in Lypsia
And now he rests in peace
In a tomb of steel under the ocean
Under the eternal wawes
The eternal wind that seems to sing
A song of death and sorrow
Above the seas and thru the sky
Nobody can forget him.