Last night I was waiting in a Storm
With heavy battles fightin' in my heart
The silent terror fill my lonely room
A bloody rain is falling in my head.

Out of the window I can see the light
The lightning strikes again there in the sky
A sense of pain is running in my veins
A tiny rain is fallin'in my head.

Chorus :
You ... You cannot feel the blows
You ... You cannot see the truth
You ... You cannot hear me screamin'
'Cause the Quiet Storm
Is rumbling out tonight.

The rain is now more heavy
Your body is cool enough
I bet the Death is near
Just as behind that door.

Into your room
The evil has come
But no, don't you think
To be alone

Watch out of the window,
Watch out, just right there ...
And wait ...
Wait ...

Bridge :
The power of lightning
The strength of the wind
The infinity of rain
Will be yours ...
You can fight the Death now
You can hold the sword
Your power's now stronger ...
So fight !
... As the Quiet Storm .

Chorus :
Now ... Now you can feel the strength
Now ... Now you can see the truth
Now ... Now you can win the pain
You're in a Quiet Storm
And you're rumblin'on tonight.