Ooh ! Ooh! Ooh!
He lives in your dreams
You can see him
He wants to kill children
You can't stop him
He's your nightmare's energy.

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!
You're sleeping tonight
So you give him the life
Blood begins running
On the wall
Your bedroom ... is a death room.

The souls of the children
Killed by him
Are the energy wich take
Him alive ... YEAH !
Now you can feel him,
Now you can't stop to dream.

His name is Fred Krueger
Look at him !!
His body was burned but
Now he's returned.
Your power is little,
The nightmare begins ...

He comes from the night
His fingers are razors,
But You can't fight
He's near to you
He possess your mind
He take your life ...

Now you wake up
The dream is finished
He's disappeared
You restart to sleep
The night is quiet
The nightmare begins again ...