You've to take me for what I am and what I do

You don't know but I was there
And now I hear you lie again
Face me baby, understand
The life of hell that I must stand.

I Why have you betrayed me? I'm a fool.
I'm feeling angry with you... go away!

Everything stops here, now
No more feeling, no more pride
Things start whirling in my head
Won't you please get the fuck out

What has happened to me now ?
Everything seems like a dream
I don't know who you thought you were
Fuck you bitch! I kick you out.

What makes you think I will come back?
What makes you think that I'm so stupid?
I am awakening to live again
Get out ofhere ! 'Cause you just lie

You 've kissed my ass all this time
You've joked me just like a fool
You 've spit on me and you've gone.
Fuck you shit-face and die

What has happened to you now ?
You're looking back the past
You think you can have me back
Fuck you bitch! I'm too happy now!